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  • Information and opportunities specific to the Upper School are posted here.
  • PE is structured to provide our students with ample opportunities and knowledge about leading healthy lifestyles. This includes daily PE time to start each day and we encourage more active learning throughout the day. Our method of having PE classes first is backed by numerous studies showing increased learning and test scores. Our goal is to meet and try to exceed SC State standards set by the state department of education. Every student is encouraged to participate daily and given the opportunity to grow in the psychomotor domain, cognitive domain, and the affective domain.
  • This is the location of all of the Latin Courses this year. Please look for your appropriate course for assignments.
  • The goal of our Spanish program in the Intermediate School at USL is to immerse the students at a young age into the Spanish language and culture. We will be using different teaching aids like music, videos, and computers throughout the course to expose the students to the target language. At the same time, we will take advantage of their artistic skills to stimulate culture acquisition,

    The children will be introduced to new vocabulary, phrase formation, greetings, descriptive adjectives, action verbs among other topics.There will be an emphasis on understanding the language by using commandsby “Total Physical Response” (TPR) of which the basic tenets are ” Understanding the spoken language before developing the skills of speaking.”We will also cover important holidays and incorporate, when possible, topics covered in other subjects.

  • Spanish IA is the first half of a high school Spanish 1 course. We use the Expresate series because it has something for everyone, including all different learning styles. The program follows the national standards using various methods including on line and technological help and a continuing soap opera, for example. In this course we learn the fundamentals of this important subject:it enables one to learn basic vocabulary and grammar while exploringvarious Spanish-speaking countries . In 1A we concentrate on the cultures of Spain, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Chile. Students will have HW daily as they learn to read, write, speak, and understand Spanish in real-life situations.
  • Spanish IB finishes up the high school Spanish 1 course. Upon completion, students earn one foreign language unit and should be able to begin Spanish 2 either at USL or in high school.The countries we focus on this second year are Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Peru.We begin this second year with an intensive review of the 1A material, and then students will deepen their understanding with more basic vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Students will have HW daily as they continue to learn how to read, write, speak, and understand Spanish in real-life situations.
  • During our Spanish II course we will work on important aspects of the Spanish language: oral comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and some points of the Hispanic culture and high interest information, and current issues in the Hispanic world. Upon completion of Spanish II students should be able to begin Spanish III at the high school level and express themselves in Spanish. We will make cross curricular connections through the study of the Geography, Art, Architecture, food and customs of Spain and some Latin-American countries.
  • Leadership & Life Skills is a class for all students that integrates the lessons in the other disciplines together for the students. Guest speakers and field experiences (Learning Outside the Classroom) originate in L&L in collaboration with the teachers in the other disciplines, and students regularly create and share reflections about what they have learned.Deeper understanding of current events and the USL culture are also regular components of L&L.
  • Faculty / Staff Resources contains information for faculty and staff for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • USL Community Resources contains the school directory, forms, and other items for use within the University School community.

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